Frequently Asked Questions


Please send your questions to:  and they will be answered here and remain here for future reference.

  Q:   How do I get my electronic Olivers changed into paper currency?

  A:   Go into the  Green Stationery Co. in Walcot Street where they have a list of members'   credit, and they will give them to you.

  Q:    Now that the old website is closed, what about all my details and how can I contact LETS?

  A:    Members should register straight away on this site and go to the contact page to send an  email. The details we have are still held on computer. If you want L.E.T.S. to register you  please send an email request.

  Q:    I was in debit with my Oliver account. Do I have to 'pay it back'?

  A:    No: all debt has been wiped out and set to zero. There will be no more credit and those who were not in debt, who joined after March 2011, will receive 300 Olivers from the office at Green Stationery, Walcot Street Bath.  

   Q:   When I put in my offers and wants there are no places I can put extra details about cost. How do I do this?

   A:    In the 'description box' you can write whatever you like about the cost, including 'per hour ', 'per day' etc., for both offers and wants. The 'value' box will just contain a figure, usually 25 Olivers which is the hourly rate. However, if you are looking after a pet, or hiring something out, it can be '50' per day  or '200' per week and so on.